What ‘Back Home’ meant

As someone that is part of a diaspora community who has never said the words “back home” to refer to cultural or familial practices, going to visit India was never something I was sentimental about.

The last 3 generations of my family were all born and raised in different continents, a courtesy of the British Empire – my grandparents were born, raised in and then left British India as young adults; my parents were born, raised in and then left Zambia/Malawi (British run Southern Rhodesia/Nyasaland till 1964) as young adults and I am born, raised in and not actively planning on leaving the UK as a young adult or otherwise.

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Who Am I?

Because in this crazy Covid upside down world we’re currrently living in, why not add another blog to the internet?

Welcome, my name is Mariam and I’m a Muslim girl who lives to push against every stereotype pushed in my direction, yet I somehow manage to fall into most stereotypes anyway. Funny how that happens!  

I like to travel and enjoy taking photos of landscapes and fabulous architecture. I bake, as any self respecting Indian-Zambian Gujarati does and I am what you’d class as too school for cool as I love deep diving into history, particularly Islamic, and learning how the world has been shaped into what it is now.

From my latest bakes, to the itineraries of trips I have taken/plan to take or reflections on the histories I have learnt to the most recent photos i’ve taken – stick around, I might share something that interests you!