Adriatic Explorations

Ever since reading a Sunday Times article about the magic of the Adriatic Islands on a mild British (read: raining) summer’s afternoon in 2010, Croatia has been on my bucket list. (Way before GoT was a blip on any radar!)

The pictures of the clear blue sea and brilliant beach included with the article were more suited to being associated with a Caribbean Island, never mind a Balkan country in Eastern Europe. This suspicion led to me jumping onto Google to confirm that the Sunday Times weren’t doing some fantastic work on photoshop (don’t believe everything you see in the media folks), and thus my desire to make my way to the Adriatic coast was born.

Fast forward 7 years, and I finally made it there and boy was it worth the wait!

The Itinerary

It turns out when Googling where best to visit in and around Croatia as you build your itinerary, you will invariably be frustrated because YOU ONLY HAVE SO MANY DAYS!! There’s literally so many options and things to see, it’s so difficult deciding what to settle on.

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